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The L.G. Wise Program's  "no retreat" approach in association with Tante Robinson's Girls of Excellence, officers and school official's partner together relentlessly to make an impact in their schools even through helping set up equipment, planning the event and ensuring order during each assembly to Stop the Bullying.

With every ear attentive to his voice, he tells the students that just like new model automobiles have built in GPS Systems, and once you type in the address it gives you a highlighted route that shows you how to make it to your destination.  The same is with you.  You have a built in GPS; it's called your mind.  So he then asks, "What is the address to your future?".

Along with MTV style, cutting edge live performances and multimedia messages about anti-bullying, self-awareness, substance abuse and right choices, L.G. Wise and Tante gives students, staff and parents the tools to recognize, stand up, speak out and stop the bullying.  With a strong but very compassionate tone, L.G. Wise conveyed to the student that, "no one knows who you really are, but the saddest thing is when you don't know who you are".

Tante Robinson, Girls of Excellence

L.G. Wise and Tante continues to point out to the bullies and their victims that this is the problem with most bullies, they don't know who they are, and they don't know where they are going.  So, they take that frustration out on others.  They dislike themselves, so they dislike others.  L.G. Wise continues with the analogy that, "bullies are like hurt little kids that break their own toys when they're angry".  With this cycle operating as they get older hey continue to break.  They break every friendship, relationship, and every opportunity to succeed ... they break everything!

Lastly, L.G. Wise and Tante pleads with every student, staff and parent that if you want to prevent student suicide, violence, and school shootings, we must STOP THE BULL (bullying)!

Students line up for autographs

Phil Chalmers, L.G. Wise and Law Enforcement WISE WORDS

Youth and Youth Workers:


Listen to a one minute segment of Wise Words which gives a boost of inspiration and motivation for your day.

Driven by a Culture - L.G. Wise
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Born Choosers not Losers - L.G. Wise
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