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L.G. Wise is a self-awareness expert speaking to teens in schools, juvenile detention centers, churches and arenas across the globe, helping teens discover their potential, dreams and goals.

L.G. Wise is also an author, bully prevention speaker, certified abstinence speaker, positive and inspirational recording artist and multi-gifted motivational speaker.

L.G. Wise's journey has allowed him to personally speak to over one million people globally.

The L.G. Wise Program is taught in detention and rehab centers weekly.  Which consists of providing right choice and discovering purpose & goal development training classes.  Many of the youth are products of absentee or drug addicted parents so as a positive role model and mentor, L.G. Wise consistently trains on topics such as; self-awareness (Born Choosers, Not Losers), My GPS career planning (Highlighting the Route to Your Future), anti-gang, bullying prevention, abstinence and more.

News & Publications

My GPS is a book that helps youth locate the address to their future as well as highlighting the best route for them to follow.  This book also insures youth that they're remaining on the right route until they make it to their destination.  My GPS provides youth and youth workers with the tools needed to navigate their way through their troubled times.

Our Expertise

Containing hours of dynamic speakers such as, Nikita Koloff, Joel Johnson, Franklin Hicks, L.G. Wise, Jor'Dan Armstrong, Psalmoetry and Speak Life, this DVD speaks to all generations by removing the hindrances and barriers of genres, focusing on the relevance of worship and the Word. 


This DVD will help youth discover their passion for God and fuel it so they can communicate the Gospel, turning the heart of youth culture and drive this generation to their destination.

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Building strong youth so we don't have to repair broken adults






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